Visit the cradle of Western civilization, and be enthralled by the multitude of cultures, arts, and historical sites. Experience Medieval and Renaissance-inspired architecture, and the classic food of the regions.

Popular Destinations

Start exploring the European continent by reading each guide below.

Budapest, Hungary

Experience the allure of the youthful Paris of Eastern Europe. If you love burgers, this Hungarian city's got it!

Prague, Czech Republic

Travel to a dreamy European city known for its well-preserved architecture, medieval bridges and castles.​

Venice, Italy

Stroll through the surreal canal streets and experience the passion within this magical city that has withstand the tides.

Barcelona, Spain

Be stunned by the modernist architectures, then soak in the beaches, and try tapas + sangria in this lively City of Gaudi.

Rome, Italy

Wander the streets of the Eternal City to realize why this city was not built in a day. Then enjoy spaghetti alla carbonara.

Paris, France

Whether it be the Eiffel Tower, grand boulevards, palaces or fresh croissants, this beautiful City of Light offers it all.